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We Have A Stream Winner!!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 17, 2018, 5:24 AM

and the winner is....

CRASH 1 as Crash himself!!

Now I just have to work out a schedule with my co-host :icontom-the-cheetah:
as well as make sure I've got all the kinks worked out
Then I'll be sure to post everywhere I can about what day, what time, and for how long we plan on going
So keep posted!!!

:peace: out!

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Stream Poll!!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 29, 2018, 6:35 PM

Hey everyone!
I wanna start getting into a somewhat of a weekly streaming schedule
So for those who don't know, I have a poll going on right now!!…

It looks like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is making the #1 spot atm
but I'm gonna keep this pool up for about a week, so anything can happen!
So place your vote now, I'm so excited to see the results!!!

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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 2, 2018, 10:42 PM

I play Games pretty much EVERY night before bed

Catch ya next time!!! :D

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COMMISSIONS 2018!!! (3 Spot Open!)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 6, 2017, 9:44 AM

Yes, I am still doing commissions!!!!!
I'm only gonna take 3 for now just with school and work, I don't wanna overload myself

Here's how it's gonna go down~

Bust - $2 / 200 :points:
  Full - $3 / 300 :points:
   Extra Character(s) - $0.50 per character / 50 :points:
Example: Ion the Hedgehog :SKETCH/PRACTICE: by SonTanku

Lineart: Bust - $4 / 400 :points:
   Full - $5 / 500 :points:
   Extra Character(s) - $1 per character / 100 :points:
Example: Savvy x Tanku Collab :MY HALF: by SonTanku

Flat Color: Bust - $6 / 600 :points:
   Full - $7 / 700 :points:
   Extra Character(s) - $2 per character / 200 :points:
Example: DaniiBONK :Art Trade: by SonTanku

My Shading: Bust - $9 / 900 :points:
  Full - $10 / 1000 :points:
  Extra Character(s) - $4 per character / 400 :points:
Example: Mandi the Cat 2.0 by SonTanku


If interested send me a note on here and we'll talk about if dA points or PayPal would work better for you!
We can also discuss backgrounds and how much extra they are depending on how detailed you want it to be.
I do ask for payment ahead of time and that you let me open a commission window for you to use if you prefer to use dA :points: :)
Can't wait to hear from all of you ^u^

My Commission Pieces:
COMM - Ariya and Amon by SonTanku COMM - Ariya vs Amon by SonTanku for YCH-ADOPT-COMM
COMM - Sonya by SonTanku for SSJmike22

Team Toon

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 26, 2017, 8:40 PM

So, Me and the old Hog became 24, and I was thinking of what I could do since I really haven't done much on here for my birthday in the past (besides saying thank you to everybody that wished me a happy one ^__^)

So I decided, "A CONTEST!!"

Now here's the deal, it's called a Birthday BASH for a reason...

It's time to give Tanku his b-day licks~ I have an evil idea Emote 
This is a Tanku vs. Your Character (OC/FC) contest!!!

1) This is Tanku we're talking about, so this IS a test of fists! (I'll do another more OPEN vs contest in the future :D)
2) It's up to you how the fight ends. If Tanku wins, loses or a draw/stand still, it will not gain or reduce your points lol Looking just for creativity! :D
3) A picture is all that is required, but you can do more if you wish!
4) Tanku never holds back in a fight! He doesn't have to be in any of his Super Saiyan levels, but he will give you his all!! My Hero Academia Icon so make sure to give him EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!! My Hero Academia Icon 
5) Don't wanna use your character to fight? I have a few spares lol! But I do INSIST you use your own character to stay in the spirit of the contest ^__^
and, above ALL else...

Now, what would a contest be without a reward!
I can't promise a cash reward (this time~)
But I can offer something in return.

2 fully shaded pics with background (my style) of the character you entered with (or of another of your choosing)
2nd) 1 Flat Color of character entered with (or of another of your choosing)
3rd) 1 Lineart of character entered with (or of another of your choosing)

September 30th 11:59 pm EST

If you need extra time, contact me via note and we'll see what we can do about extending the time!

I can't wait to see who jumps in on this!!!
Tanku: Let's do our best! Cuz I won't HOLD BACK!!! :powerup:

2):iconshadxester:  Contest entry: Tanku vs. Prince Shadx by Shadxester

Mature Content

Hentai kamen battle TANKU birthday entry by tom-the-cheetah

4)Loading Icon ultramini 
Loading Icon ultramini
more...? (stay tuned)

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 24, 2017, 9:30 PM

Repeating myself, but IDK how many people read status posts xD

I just wanna put it out there...
My life's dream is to make Tanku that character that you can put in ANY thing (comic, game, animations, etc...) and give off the same feeling and badASS intro I just got from seeing Hellboy revealed in Injustice 2!!!

Pops on screen, lights his cigar (vest, sunglasses, the whole shebang), and just make you feel like asses are about to get kicked xD

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Commissions Open - Quite URGENT (Not Mine)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 20, 2017, 9:36 PM

My friend :icons-a-v-a-n-a: needs some help at the moment

If anyone has been looking into getting commissions from an AMAZING artist
Or can just spread the word EVEN more, plz plz PLZ do!

<da:thumb id="699899029"/>

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 9:26 PM

3 things to talk about!!

1) The poll has been decided, Mature art shall be coming! But I'll keep any pron like pics to FA with previews and links here,
     and I'll post suggestive art here in full.

2) I hope everyone is okay with the old sketches, cuz the reason they've been coming full force and it has to do with~...

3) I just started going back to school!!!!!
    I'm now taking classes at the Art Institute of Indianapolis for Graphic Design - Associate of Science!
    So Art is gonna slow down a bit for me... but I'm not disappearing off the face of the planet like in the past xD

Quick update for y'all and hope all is well in all of your lives
Mine is nutszo bonkoz now xD lmao

:peace: out!

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Found Some Buried Treasure!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 14, 2017, 7:29 PM

I found ALL of my art that I never posted to dA during my huge hiatus a few years back.
And if it's not from that time period they are ones that were still pretty good.
So guess what's making it's way to dA~ 8D

Also: Poll Results!
I'm glad to see most of you just want to see me do what I always do (Sonic OC/FCs)
With a hint of Official Sonic Work Sprinkled in, so I'll do my best to keep that in mind and sprinkle normal Sonic Stuff in my uploads too

I'll be making a new poll here in a moment, and it's one I'm super curious about, so I'll let it stay up there for a bit to see what kind of results it gets xD

Thank you all as always!

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Hey everyone!
My fiance has dA page!! Link:
and she's looking to do art trades with anyone so she can keep growing as an artist! Link: Need practiceAnyone wanna do an art trade with me?
Please go check it out if you've been lookin for someone to art-trade with :D
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 Come hang out!
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A little more story, a little more dorky me xD
Nothing as great as Mix Master Hips this time, but a solic progression
please enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment!
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BUUUUUUUT, the recorded session IS up on my page.
So give it a watch and tell me how it was, how I could improve,
And hope to see more of you next time! I'd be REALLY fun to interact with you all :D
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Gonna grab grub
will be up again later
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Will see you all in the mid-morn
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This is my FIRST stream, so I hope everything is okay ^^;
come watch me do some art stuffs
I'll even maybe play a game if ya want!!

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I'mma get right down to it
Next couple of things you'll see me post is gonna be what I've promised and have put off for FAR too long
While I'm working on these pieces, I will be posting some pics that a good friend of mine :iconcapal3x: had tweeked and has done some AMAZING color work with!!!
He may end up being my partner in art crime with future commissions that I may or may not start in time *wink wink*

So, yeah
Clean up time for me~
Enjoy the Capal3x Editions!!!

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Hey everyone!
Quick shout out to my fiancee :iconkitopsycat:
She's starting to get back into drawing, takes amazing photos with just her phone, and is finally starting to share a story her and her friend have been working on for YEARS
She could use some support, and if I know my friends and followers you know how to support someone! :D
So please give her page a look, for me ^__^
Sorry about the lack of activity as of late ^^;
I've been EVERYWHERE trying to plan out stuff for Xmas (family, gifts, etc.)
So I wanted to pop in with a to-do list along with an idea I wanted everyones opinion on :D

- Ion vs Nazo for :icondubxsonic:
- A cute pic of Raiden & Sophia for :icontaurino371:
- Bust of Sonic & Buster for :iconofficial-stargazer:
- Tanku vs Duke Comic Style for :iconsir-duke01:
- Bowser Squad for :iconbowser81889:

I am SUPER sorry about the requests guys and how long its taking. I know I pushed the point about letting me do them in my time, but there is NO excuse for this long of a wait and I thank you for your patience from the bottom of my heart!!!

Now, for the Future Plan!!
Idk how many of you know this but, next to Sonic and DBZ, I'm also a big fan of Pokemon!
And so for this new year, I wanna dabble in drawing pokemon and expand my range, but keep my own signature to it lol
So I'll first be trying to draw Tanku as a Trainer (young and old)
Then from there, I'll draw The pokemon from the games I've beaten the elite 4 with along with some favorites that don't always fall into my team!
Here is a list of what Pokemon you can expect to see me try to draw via which game I used them in;

HeartGold (Elite 4 Beat!):
- Feraligatr
- Magneton (Sketched)
- Gengar
- Alakazam
- Fearow
- Entei

Y (Elite 4 Beat!):
- Charizard
- Greninja
- Raichu
- Ferrothorn
- Lucario
- Yveltal

Omega Ruby (Elite 4 Beat!):
- Sceptile
- Pikachu Rock Star (Cool Cosplay)
- Linoone
- Gardevoir
- Ho-oh
- Palkia

Sun (Elite 4 Beat!):
- Incineroar
- Feraligatr
- Butterfree
- Magnezone (Sketched)
- Solgaleo
- Zygarde 10% Form

Favorites (Not on a Team and More may be Added):
- Ariados/Spiarak (Sketched)
- Lugia
- Luxray
- Infernape
- Suicune
- Raikou
- Mewtwo
- Machamp
- Jolteon
- Espeon
- Gyarados
- Mudsdale
- Tentacruel

Once I have final pictures of each pokemon, I wanna start bringing them together into one BIG photo!
I think it will look SUPER cool, and hope the PokeArt won't upset anyone ^__^

Thank you all again for you love, support, and patience with me
And I hope all is well in you lives! :D


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 29, 2016, 11:52 PM

I don't know why it's taken me THIS long to do this, but if you are not watching this woman and you're a fan of my stuff...
You're doing yourself a GREAT disservice!!
Savana The Panther Fan Stamp by S-A-V-A-N-A
This lady is an AMAZING artist. She can do Sonic Style, FNAF Style, or maybe something a little out there lol
She does:

Her Character, Savana, is one of the COOLEST OCs/FCs I've seen!
She also JUST came out with her newest look!
(I always say both OC/FC cuz I can never remember which is correct Dx)
Savana is also Tanku's Wife! ^U^ :heart:
<da:thumb id="646383638"/>
Name:Savana Marionette
Species: Panther
Occupation: Music Teacher and Bar Owner

Rock and Metal Music, Concerts, Motorcycles, Pot, Beer, Tattoos, Travelling, Hot weather, Camping, Cooking
Rave/Raggatech Music, Silence, Doing nothing, Rain, Doctors.

Candy is Innocent by S-A-V-A-N-A Punk Rock Panther S4V4NDR0iD by S-A-V-A-N-A Cheshire Paws by S-A-V-A-N-A

Mature Content

Eat your Greens by S-A-V-A-N-A
Melodys Feelin Good by S-A-V-A-N-A

Hit her up for great art and any commissions you may need
and tell her I sent ya! ;D

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